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Espresso Subscription

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An espresso blend with a strong structure from South America, the balanced ratio of Arabica and Robusta beans makes the espresso perfect for every occasion.

The full taste body and the fine notes from our Munich roasted beans unfold in the preparation in the barista espresso machine, in the Bialetti as well as in automatic machines.

To ensure environmental protection and sustainability our packaging contains no aluminium. This makes your espresso taste even better, right? #forthosewhostriveformore.

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Do you need a short kick of energy to get to new heights? You like really tasty espresso? Then JustBeans is just right for you! Best espresso at a fair price. Ordered online – enjoyed by you at home or in the office. Your coffee machine will not stand still – promised.

JustBeans are shipped in 250g packs to preserve its freshness and taste. Each package serves approximately 25 cups of espresso – depending on your preferred method of preparation.

The office abonnement will ensure in-time refill of your coffee supply with no further effort and no shipping costs,
the JustBeans team will assist you in defining the most appropriate refill periods.

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Gewicht 2-42 kg
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2-4 working days